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Legal and tax advice






Financial Solutions



Ms. Mai Anh, as the Chairman of ACAC's Founding Chair, has 20 years of experience in accounting and auditing profession and tax consultant with 10-year experience in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu company, working in positions as Leader, Head of Auditing / Tax Consulting Department and Financial Management Corporate Solutions. Ms. Mai Anh has knowledge and understanding of the provision of tax, legal, accounting, investment audit and corporate solutions for a wide range of multinational companies in all forms of investment in Vietnam. The group of customers that she is incharge of includes domestic and oversea foreign-invested banks, manufacturing enterprises, service companies..


Mr. Duc is the first Vietnamese achieved a CPA certificate and an MBA in the US. Before working for nearly 5 years in the US, he was very successful as a team leader and chaired many audit contracts. Mr. Duc is currently the Equityholder and Deputy General Director in charge of Consulting Department specializing in management consulting, restructuring of state and private enterprises and the projects with international working experience in: US, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Austria




Financial and business solutions






Management solutions




With more than 30 years working in corporations and companies of various ministries, Ms. Hong is currently the head of financial and business solutions consulting. She is experienced in managing, structuring and setting up the business and financial organization of the business. She has an in-depth understanding of the Vietnamese legal system for sectors such as accounting, taxation, salary and labor mechanisms and issues related to state-owned enterprises. She has participated in many financial solution consulting contracts and advises on business management support and is highly appreciated by customers.



With more than 20 years working at one of the world's leading auditing firms, Mr. Thang joined the corporate finance advisory group. Mr. Thang has participated in a number of financial analysis and risk management projects for domestic and international clients. Mr. Thang also participated in tax audits for the purpose of buying and selling businesses and was highly appreciated by many customers on professional skills and professionalism at work.






Business Finance






Corporate & business finance



With a master's degree in business administration studying in the US, Mr. Tuan Anh returned to Vietnam in 2007, Mr. Tuan Anh has experience in auditing small, medium and large enterprises, state-owned enterprises and enterprises with foreigned-investment in Vietnam. After 18 months studying in the US, Mr. Tuan Anh returned and participated in the project's financial audit and business consulting services..

With 15 years of working experience, Ms. Mai joined the corporate finance advisory group after finishing her Master's course in Singapore. Ms. Mai has extensive experience and knowledge in corporate finance and valuation, has participated in a number of financial analysis, restructuring, and business modeling projects. Ms. Mai is also an expert in finance & real estate investment with experience in Vietnam and Singapore.





In charge of international projects





Auditing Director

In charge of Hanoi office



With more than 20 years of experience working for one of the world's leading auditing firms, Mr. Tuan is currently responsible for setting up consulting services, including preparing and planning bids. , coordinate and participate in ACAC's audit projects and international consultants. With 10 years of working experience at the company, Mr. Tuan has a strong grasp of Vietnam's economic and political situation, as well as the procedures of the government and donors.

VWith over 20 years of working experience, Mr. Hung has directly participated in managing, managing and controlling the quality of services provided to customers in the field of auditing. He has knowledge as well as a deep understanding of the provision of accounting and auditing services for businesses operating in Vietnam. The customer group he is in charge of includes State Corporations, economic corporations, enterprises in the construction, finance, manufacturing, trade and service industries.

Manager - Legal and tax consultant In charge of ODA projects and donor projects 

Senior auditing expert
In charge of consulting on customs and control systems
Former Counseling Director of Finance Committee - APEC Customs, SINGAPORE

With over 20 years of working experience, Ms. Chau has directly participated in managing, managing and controlling the quality of services provided to customers in the field of legal and tax advice. In addition, Ms. Chau's strength has also been demonstrated in managing and administering consultancy for ODA-funded programs and projects, projects using donors, ... she has directly participate in many consulting contracts and are highly appreciated by customers. He was recognized as the first Auditor in Vietnam (1994) and the author of professional books: International Auditing Principles and Standards "(1992)," Handbook of Auditing Terms " (1994), "Post-clearance audit" (1996) ... He also has many articles on Auditing - import and export management, which has been awarded by the Ministry of Finance "Annual national journalism award for the industry. financial ". In addition to directly conducting audits at home and abroad, he was also invited to review the policies on financial management - Customs In 2009-2011 he joined the Subject Expert Group. of the Prime Minister on administrative reforms and directly advising on legal issues on import and export for economic groups of Textiles, Footwear, Fisheries ... school on price analysis of the actual situation and building regulations on business management, project management such as: Financial management regulations, Internal management regulations, Building regulations and training auditors internal ... His customers such as World Bank (WB), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Asia Pacific Agriculture Development Organization (CIRDAP), Ministry of Construction , Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Eurowindow economic groups, Geleximco ... all appreciated the quality of his work.
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