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ACAC is one of the companies reach international Standards in providing accounting, auditing, finance, and tax and anagement services. ACAC has served more clients than any other auditing firms in Vietnam and has gained credibility from enterprises in various economic Sectors for the quality of services rendered. The ACAC combines a truiy diverse range of skills and experience, both cultural and professional, With individuais possessing back-grounds in accounting, taxation, investment, legal advice and insoivency. The Group specializes in the provision of a compre-hensive range of services including: appraisals, corporate finance consulting, financial due diligence investigations, equitization, joint Ventures formation, mergers and acquisitions consulting, debts refinancing, transaction execution advice, vaiuations, and assets disposition.


  • Tax advisory and Tax Agency

    Tax advisory and Tax Agency

    With a deep understanding of tax regulations, perennial practice in treatment of tax issues, explanation to the tax authorities as well as commitment on providing tax services with... Read more
  • Auditing Service

    Auditing Service

    Audit services providing for every fields, Annual and Statutory Financial statement audit, , Operational audit, Compliance audit…. Read more
  • Accounting service

    Accounting service

    Accounting services providing for companies, our keen and professional team will provide the best efficiency. Read more
  • Business And Legal Advice

    Business And Legal Advice

    Investment environment assessment and feasibility study, Legal and administrative framework. Government’s policies toward economic development... Read more
  • Corporate Finance Services

    Corporate Finance Services

    ACAC Corporate Finance Group provides financial advisory services to companies and investor groups regarding financial issues. Our reputation for innovative, timely, objective, and... Read more
  • Management solutions

    Management solutions

    As part of a fast-growing economy, Vietnamese enterprises are always changing. They require new strategies and products to gain a competitive advantage or to expand into new markets.... Read more


Quét mã QR Zalo ACAC
Quét mã QR Zalo ACAC
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